Design Services

The ZE Services Division was launched to meet growing demand from prospective home builders around the country who have requested our involvement in their projects.

While our main line of business will continue to focus on building new residential structures in Coastal Delaware, we plan to expand our scope to address this developing need.

Specifically, we’ll use our knowledge and experience to provide builders with the proper strategies and techniques to effectively build a Zero Energy home. The design and planning of this superior type of residence require a systems approach, and Zero Energy will provide step-by-step methods to ensure that each project is a success from start to finish.

We are currently collaborating with home owners, home builders, designers, architects, and contractors on projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Design Consultation Collaboration at any stage

Zero Energy will collaborate with builders at any stage of the project. In most cases, we’ll be introduced to the concept from the beginning, but there are situations where Zero Energy can assist with correcting situations or recommending solutions during the building process.

Our full-service Design Consultation includes the following:

  • House placement and lot feasibility studies
  • Design review
  • Window selection
  • HVAC/Mechanical selection and recommendations
  • Thermal envelope design
  • Building practices
  • Scope of work generation
  • On-site inspection and visitations (travel fee will apply)
  • Product selection (exterior and interior)
  • Structural engineering
  • Bid review and contract negotiations

Energy Analysis predict energy usage

Once a design concept is in place, Zero Energy will perform a specific analysis to predict energy usage and identify potential renewable energy implementation.

This step is critical to achieving the greatest possible benefits from each decision made throughout the project. Window and door glazing and HVAC sizing are good examples of the importance of this analysis. The advantage of this phase is that various scenarios can be run and tested virtually before any construction has begun, saving time and money.

HVAC Design design the ideal system

Zero Energy will work with clients to design the ideal system specifications for each project, which may include geothermal forced air, geothermal radiant floor, zoning, and domestic water heating, or combinations of all these systems.

Once the general system is designed, Zero Energy’s engineers will produce schematics, line drawings, and even 3D CAD renderings if requested.

Proper design and right-sized equipment will result in a home that is efficient to operate, with low utility bills, extended equipment longevity, and unparalleled owner comfort.

Building Services see the project through to completion

Our team will work closely with clients to see the project through to completion.

Zero Energy will develop scopes of work for contractors, review bids and contracts, recommend building techniques, and serve as the construction advisor of choice on the road to energy independence. We can perform on-site evaluations at critical stages of the process, such as foundation, mechanical rough-in, and trim-out.

Zero Energy will work with clients and designers to select the right products for the job and ensure that they will comply with any certified program that is targeted.


The main goal with a Zero Energy Home is to become energy independent, producing all that you will consume and consuming only what you need.

The initial cost is typically more compared to conventional construction but your investment will pay off in the long run. Also, many state and federal rebates and grants are available to homeowners who want to build a Zero Energy Home – the time to act is now