Monthly Archives: September 2010

Is Solar Hot Water still an option with limited roof space?

By Lance Manlove, in Green Product

You have a few options when it comes to solar hot water heating in this Mid-Atlantic region.  One of the more common approaches is to use a flat plate collector array or and evacuated tube collector array.  Both of these systems need space on your roof.  Typically for a 2500 SF home it requires about […]

Smart Eco Friendly Alternatives to Standard Paint

By Lance Manlove, in Green Product

It seems commonplace to just naturally paint the drywall in your new home.  Some people might ask, “what else would you do with your walls if you didn’t paint them?”  There are several eco friendly alternative to just normal painting.  Standard paints and other adhesives in your home contain VOC’s or volatile organic compounds.  These […]